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Senior Full Stack .NET Engineer
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Senior Full Stack .NET Engineer
Date Posted:  9/16/2021
Job ID:  Job #3895
Employment Type: Contract
Location: Los Angeles California
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The Full Stack Developer is responsible for developing applications at all layers: front end, middle tier, and the back end. Candidate is expected to perform his/her duties under limited supervision and to be able to work across teams to implement complex functionalities across diverse applications and systems.

STAND 8 provides end to end IT solutions to enterprise partners across the United States and with offices in LA, Atlanta, New York, Raleigh, and more.


  • Front end development (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, SASS or LESS)
  • Middle tier development: API Design and development, RESTful services and applications
  • Database development: Relational (SQL scripts, Stored procedures) as well as NoSQL (e.g. MongoDB)
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or similar field
  • 10+ years of experience in a full-stack role 
  • Experience with object-oriented design and design patterns
  • Experience with secure coding practices
  • Test driven development and refactoring; must have good experience with Unit testing frameworks (xUnit etc.)
  • Good understanding of web application architecture
  • Skilled in writing clean, reusable, self-documenting and well-documented code
  • Well-versed in debugging and troubleshooting
  • Good understanding and experience in the practice of SOLID principles
  • Good communication and critical thinking skills
  • Ability to collaborate within and across teams


  • Deep experience with .NET and C#
  • Expert knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, TypeScript, Responsive development using Bootstrap
  • Deep experience in designing and programming solutions using Angular, writing reusable Angular components
  • Experience with libraries/frameworks such as webpack, gulp, jasmine, mocha, expressJS, or similar frameworks
  • Experience with charting frameworks like D3js, C3js, FusionCharts or similar
  • Solid grounding in OOAD and SOLID principles
  • T-SQL
  • Well-versed in unit testing, TDD and familiar with BDD
  • Solid experience working with Microsoft SQL Server
  • Excellent understanding of DevOps (CI/CD)
  • Solid experience working with RESTful APIs
  • Azure Cloud experience is a must
  • Excellent understanding of SCRUM and agile practices
  • Could be heavy on front end or back end, but does need experience on the other side as well