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Agile development is an iterative software-development methodology.
Agile Transformation
What is Agile Transformation?

Agile Transformation is the process of using agile principles to transition an entire organization. By utilizing agile methodologies, an organization becomes more adaptive, nimble, and reactive. Agile creates an environment that empowers employees, embraces creativity and innovation, and reduces unnecessary layers of management. Agile transformation embodies the methodology’s principles of valuing relationships and collaboration as well as being adaptable when responding to change.

Benefits of Agile Transformation

Agile transformation is a fantastic way to make your company more adaptable when dealing with change. This transformation often results in organized and efficient cross-functional or self-organized teams. Agile methodology is action-oriented and progression-focused. Additionally, it is very intentional about relationships within and outside of the company. Internally, communication and information sharing are increased, reducing stress and confusion. Externally, teams are expected to have a renewed focus on customer satisfaction in order to improve and maintain those relationships. Agile transformation can increase productivity, adaptability, communication, and efficiency while reducing frustration, communication, and wasted time.

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