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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner
What is Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner?

An Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner is a company that is familiar with and uses Amazon Web Services (AWS). When a company joins AWS, they have access to the AWS Partner Network (APN). Once an organization becomes familiar with the services and technology, it can join the AWS Partner Network (APN) and help other customers utilize AWS. Your organization can become an expert on AWS training, resources, and tools and help other companies find innovative solutions. To date, the network has over 100,000 partners in more than 150 countries.

Benefits of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partners

An Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner is a great asset to have. AWS has a seemingly endless amount of services to choose from and finding the best ones for your organization can be daunting. An AWS Partner is a fantastic resource to utilize when navigating the solutions. And once your organization is familiar with AWS, you can join over 100,000 other companies and become an AWS Partner and help deliver value to other companies.

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