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Data Center
What is a Data Center?

A Data Center is a place that houses the physical servers, storage, and network equipment that makes up companies' IT infrastructure. Data centers originated as only physical buildings which held the equipment, but now with Cloud capabilities, the infrastructure can be hosted in the cloud. While some companies maintain their own data centers, many have their data centers hosted by a third party, either a managed service provider like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, or STAND 8. There are three different types of data centers: on-premises or enterprise data centers, public cloud data centers, and managed data centers and colocation facilities.

Benefits of Data Centers

Data Centers are a convenient and useful way to store your company’s data. We are inundated with more data that we know what to do with every day, and it is only increasing. So how do you gather that information and gain insights from it? The first thing your company needs to do is find a way to store it, preferably in a format that can be accessed, edited, and analyzed. That’s where data centers come in. Pick the kind of data center and tools that work best for your company. Managing your data correctly will lower confusion and stress while fostering productivity, insights, and growth.

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