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Data Migration
What is Data Migration?

Data Migration is the process of selecting, preparing, extracting, and transforming data and permanently moving it from one location, environment, file format, application, database, data system, or storage system to another. This data can be transferred to a site on-premises or in the cloud. Data Migration is done for the purposes of consolidation and implementing a new system and requires a universal metadata management strategy so all data migrated can still be interpreted.

Benefits of Data Migration

Data migration is a common IT activity, done often with the growth of a company. If your company is implementing a new system or trying to consolidate the data you already have, data migration is required. This allows for ease in accessing and interpreting your data on top of any improvements introduced through a system update. A well-thought-out data migration will improve the speed and efficiency of your data management and interpretation, helping your company run smoothly and grow to new heights.

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