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DevOps Automation
What is DevOps Automation?

DevOps Automation is the automation of development and operations. It is the process of using tools, processes, and cultural philosophies to integrate technology with existing processes in order to make applications, products, and services that can be delivered faster. By automating this process, tasks can be performed without requiring human intervention. Feedback loops of Build, Test, Release, Monitor, and Plan are facilitated between operations and development teams so updates to production applications can be deployed more quickly.

Benefits of DevOps Automation

The goal of DevOps Automation is speed and efficiency. When automating, your company can ensure the processes implemented are reliable and consistent. The stability created allows for greater speed and agility when adapting to market and client changes. Additionally, the frequency and pace at which products, services, and applications will increase. DevOps Automation provides an avenue to scale and grow your company as it needs to while not sacrificing speed, efficiency, collaboration, or security.

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