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Informatica Test Data Management
What is Informatica Test Data Management?

Informatica’s Test Data Management is a crucial component of its continuous software delivery, ensuring that sensitive data is not exposed to unauthorized access or usage throughout the development and testing phases. It is a fundamental tool for delivering on-time, high-quality outcomes. Importantly, Informatica’s Test Data Management accurately and swiftly provides the relevant test results to the right teams while abiding by organizational policies and regional and industry laws.

Benefits of Informatica Test Data Management

By utilizing Informatica’s Test Data Management, managing your company’s data becomes much easier. Your company will have access to a self-service data warehouse improving efficiency by storing, augmenting, sharing, and reusing test datasets with monitoring and reporting at your disposal. And data subsets are used to improve performance and minimize infrastructure requirements. But you don’t need to worry about the security of your data. Sensitive data locations are automatically identified and then masked across applications in order to mask them. One way this is done is by configuring built-in masking algorithms to anonymize data elements. Overall, Informatica’s Test Data Management can help lower the risks associated with your company’s data while managing it.

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