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Project Staffing
What is Project Staffing?

Project Staffing is a talent solution wherein a third-party partner builds & manages a team of resources for a specific project. The talent solution partner manages both team staffing & output based on a service agreement. Once establishing what jobs, tasks, and responsibilities are required for a project, a talent solution partner goes about selecting and training the right individuals to carry out the project. The roles they fill can be temporary or permanent, all depending on the project and requirements.

Benefits of Project Staffing

It is incredibly important to staff your projects correctly. A project’s success often hinges on whether or not the people tasked with carrying them out are capable of doing so. Hiring the wrong people can be detrimental to meeting project deadlines. If this is something your organization struggles with, then look to a company that specializes in staffing solutions as they excel in finding the right candidates for companies. They will help you find the right people for specific projects or people who are a good fit for permanent positions within your company.

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