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Security Function
What are Security Functions?

Security Functions are the things put in place in order to enforce the established security policy. Once a company policy is authored, it needs to be monitored. A common practice is to put hardware, software, or firmware in place in order to protect applications, data, infrastructures, and networks. Companies also tend to put in identification systems, incident preparation, compliance reporting, as well as in-person security. Additionally, it is good practice to educate employees on potential risks; for example, phishing emails or phone calls.

Benefits of Security Functions

Everyday people employ security functions to their data, your organization is no different. It is imperative that you protect your company’s and employees’ information. By not protecting things like your data, infrastructure, and network, you run the risk of people stealing your data or corrupting your network, which would cause massive delays and will be expensive to fix. But there is no need to go through that, employ security functions now and save your company from having to recover. If you are not sure where to start, or do not know what you need, hire an expert. Many companies specialize in data, building, and employee security and can help you find the right mix of policies and procedures that make sense for your company.

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