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Site Acquistion
What is Site Acquisition?

Site Acquisition in the wireless telecom industry is when a company researches and purchases potential land leases for telecom sites. Acquisition specialists ensure that entitlements can be acquired and that potential leases meet the fiscal and time constraints of each customer. Site acquisition requires coordination between many groups including design, zoning, and construction management. Acquisition specialists assist with project monitoring, scheduling, negotiation, budgeting, document preparation, and other logistics as needed.

Benefits of Site Acquisition

Wirelessly transmitting information has been around since the 1830s thanks to the invention of the Morse Code. Then we transitioned to radio, and now we’re concerned with transmitting data and there is no limit to what information we can share. Wireless telecom site acquisition is a valuable kind of real estate and one your organization should consider partaking in. Just like physical real estate, your company would own specific space-in this instance, frequencies-and lease it out to other companies for them to use. Many companies are flocking to this kind of real estate because it does not require nearly as much physical infrastructure as data is transmitted through antennas.

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