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Test Data Management (TMD)
What is Test Data Management (TDM)?

Test Data Management (TMD) is the management of the data required for automated tests. These tests are made specific to the business need and automated so little to no human intervention is required. In addition to monitoring the tests and ensuring they are running correctly and smoothly, the TDM solution is also responsible for the creation of the test data. That may also include the generation of non-production data sets that faithfully replicate an organization's actual data.

Benefits of Test Data Management (TMD)

Once set up, the automated tests save your company time and money, as well as allow for scalability. Utilizing test data management enables businesses to produce more reliable software that is of higher quality while, at the same time, avoiding problem repairs and rollbacks and, in general, making software deployment more reasonably priced. Your organization's compliance and security concerns are also reduced.

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