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User Acceptance Test (UAT)
What is User Acceptance Test (UAT)?

User Acceptance Tests (UAT) are the last phase in software development where the software is tested under real-world conditions before it is released to the intended market. UAT, sometimes also referred to as application testing or end-user testing, can be done by the intended audience or volunteers. These tests, done at the end of the development cycle, ensure that the product is finished and all requirements are met. They are also done so any potential bugs in the software can be found and removed.

Benefits of User Acceptance Test (UAT)

User acceptance testing (UAT) is vital to delivering digital products to your customers. It ensures that every requirement is met and your customers are satisfied. It also gives your company the opportunity to check for bugs or software issues by putting it through real-life cases and scenarios. Your company will want to check that everything is working properly before the product is launched and you are forced to fix it retroactively. UATs will save your company time and money while ensuring the quality of your product and the satisfaction of your customers.

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