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Client Portal Transformation: Boosting Efficiency & CX/
STAND 8 helped a global fintech company update their legacy systems and manual processes to stay ahead of the competition.
STAND 8 helped a global fintech company update their legacy systems and manual processes to stay ahead of the competition.
By  Eric Gula  April 19, 2024

STAND 8 helped a global fintech company update their legacy systems and manual processes to stay ahead of the competition.

Challenge /

A major fintech company's SMB Division was losing market share due to the absence of a streamlined client onboarding process. The time-consuming and disjointed nature of the process, relying on multiple platforms without centralized location for communication, resulted in email communication and records being lost or not being transparent with collaborators. This hindered client success management in the hospitality sector.Challenges included:


    Inefficient data gathering


    Data security and privacy compliance concerns


    Potential resistance to adopting new systems


STAND 8 revolutionized the company's client success management team through the development of a cutting-edge customer portal. This innovative platform automated data collection, simplifying processes for both customers and staff.By implementing a scalable, serverless infrastructure and a cost-effective workflow builder across the company, STAND 8 not only enhanced the overall client experience but also fostered increased loyalty and efficiency.The result? A notable uptick in revenue growth, all while ensuring transparent communication, safeguarding against data loss, and optimizing business processes to boost productivity and reduce costs.This comprehensive approach crafted a CX digital strategy perfectly aligned with the company's strategic objectives.

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"STAND 8 has helped me capture something that will help our company deliver a truly amazing experience for our customers." – Chad E. | Business Ops Manager

The implementation of the cloud-based customer portal yielded remarkable results, enhancing operational efficiency, client satisfaction, overall business performance, and achieving significant annual savings.The streamlined workflows and automated data capture mechanisms led to a threefold increase in Return-on-Investment (ROI) and annual cost savings of $4.5 million. By automating data collection and providing clear project status dashboards, the solution enabled project managers to save valuable time, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional service to their clients. Moreover, the success of the project was evident during the Beta and full market launch phases, with clients expressing high satisfaction with the intuitive user interface and enhanced functionality. Encouraged by this positive feedback, the company expressed intentions to extend the functionality of the portal to their Banking, Retail, and Enterprise markets, further solidifying its value proposition. Importantly, the project included robust analytics tracking capabilities, enabling the company to identify areas for improvement and ensure adherence to service level agreements. This continuous improvement cycle ensured that the portal remained aligned with the company's evolving business needs and customer expectations.  

SMB Stores in the onboarding portal
Annual savings
Return on investment

The successful partnership between the client and STAND 8's engineering and UX/UI design teams exemplifies the effectiveness of collaborative problem-solving in addressing critical business challenges. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and a user-centric design approach, the fintech company was able to transform its onboarding and training processes, driving substantial cost savings and enhancing client satisfaction. Organizations facing similar challenges can benefit from STAND 8's proven approach to product development. By combining technical expertise with a focus on user experience, STAND 8 enables companies to unlock new levels of efficiency and innovation. 

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Eric Gula
VP, Enterprise Architecture & Delivery
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