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Transform Broadcasting To TheDigital Advertising Age/
Our client needed to increase the amount of ad revenue during commercial breaks by utilizing an innovative approach to targeted advertising.
STAND 8 helped maximize revenue opportunities by dynamically replacing TV commercial ads and slate with revenue generating digital ads.

The client did not have a modern infrastructure in place to capitalize on higher-paying streaming ads. It was challenging for the company to transition without a solid target architecture and the right team to implement the new solution. The primary goal was to implement an ad solution that replaced TV commercial ads and slate with higher revenue-generated targeted ads.


STAND 8 OTT engineers delivered a complete ads workflow using multiple ad exchanges, demand- and supply-side platforms, and optimized ad stitching for the best performance and quality customer experience.

Over 200 local TV stations transformed to provide OTT live streaming channels
Over 100 million higher-CPM ad impressions per month
Over $20 million new OTT ad revenue generated per month

Using the SCTE-35 triggers in the broadcast feeds to identify ad breaks, the ad workflow automated replaced burnt-in TV commercials with digital targeted ads. By integrating an ad decisioning service, the placement of the ads was based on the television watcher’s geolocation, age, gender, viewing history, etc. In addition, a comprehensive dashboarding and monitoring/alerting system was implemented to help quickly identify performance issues and areas of improvement.


Our client was able to transform from a traditional broadcaster to a company that capitalizes on higher revenue-generating ad inventory across multiple live streaming channels. With this newfound capability, the client's advertising and marketing teams could broker lucrative paid advertising campaigns that leveraged targeted, dynamic ad insertion.

STAND 8 OTT engineers bring multiple decades of combined experiences and technologies to help clients create and operate new OTT services. Modern OTT ad technologies allow broadcasters to unlock newer and higher-revenue generating opportunities by leveraging automatic ad bidding, targeted ads, tapping into multiple ad exchanges, and using intelligent dashboarding and exception-based alerting to operate the platform effectively.

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Case Study - CTA - Data & AI
Case Study - CTA - Data & AI
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