Stand 8 offers your insurance organization deep expertise in solving all of your staffing and services needs.​

At Stand 8, we understand the challenge insurance companies face trying to find quality candidates for sensitive and technical skill-specific positions. It’s not enough to find someone that satisfies basic qualifications. You need talent that can take charge and help define the future of their role for your company. You need people with a keen mind and a passion for what they do. Good isn’t good enough. You require excellence.


That’s where we can help. We attract some of the brightest minds in the insurance sectors. Our staffing specialists are intimately familiar with what differentiates good and great candidates.

We don’t just match resumes to job titles. We look at the specific requirements unique to the positions at your institution. And we look at the position in the greater context of your company’s mission, goals, and culture. 

We have professionals available on a temporary or full-time basis across a full complement of insurance specific skill sets. We can supply experts in claims systems, underwriting systems, web and mobile application development, guidewire, cybersecurity, and compliance. Or if you need specialists across the entire spectrum of insurance, Stand 8 can help.


At Stand 8, we’re not just staffing your short-term needs.

We’re staffing your long-term vision.


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