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Cloud Transformation
What is Cloud Transformation?

Cloud Transformation is the process of transferring and updating data, apps, software, IT infrastructure, and work into the cloud for the first time or when instituting system-wide changes. If it is an organization’s first time moving to the cloud, cloud migration must happen first. Then, once all information is uploaded, modernization and optimization of the management, analytics, and security can occur. Cloud transformation occurs when an organization wants to update and improve its digital infrastructure and management in accordance with changes to the company’s business strategy.

Benefits of Cloud Transformation

Cloud transformation is beneficial for your organization for a number of reasons. As your business grows and adapts to changes in the market and new innovations, cloud transformation streamlines and modernizes your data, software, and IT infrastructure. The speed and agility of your organization’s adaptability will also increase, providing the opportunity to grow and be competitive within your industry. And as your company grows, scalability is made easy within the cloud.

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