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We partner with Denver's top companies, providing a range of IT services and staffing solutions to enhance their technological capabilities and meet their business needs.
100 Main Street Denver, CO
At STAND 8's Colorado division, we are deeply connected with the vibrant tech landscape of Denver and surrounding areas. Our expertise spans a diverse range of industries and clients, enabling us to offer tailored managed services, team services, and project services alongside our staffing solutions. Our commitment goes beyond simple service delivery; we aim to empower our clients throughout Colorado by delivering impactful technology projects and providing top-tier talent solutions. We are dedicated to assembling high-performing teams that drive innovation and execute critical projects, ensuring that each client's specific needs are met with precision and excellence. Our mission is to serve our community, bridge technology gaps, and foster lasting relationships right here in the heart of Colorado, where innovation meets the spirit of the West.
Let’s work together to elevate your capabilities and transform your IT landscape.
Frequently Asked Questions
Information regarding our services, technical capabilities, and the industries we support in the Denver area.
New Business
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What Industries Do You Support?
We have a diverse portfolio of clients in every major business domain Including:
Do you do staffing or managed services?
STAND 8 offers several delivery models to meet our clients needs based on how much or how little the client is involved in the management of resources or outcome.
/ Strategic Staffing - Focusing on staff augmentation, contract, contract-to-hire or direct placement. We scale to what you need.
/ Team Services - It's the first layer in our Professional Services model where we would provide a team of qualified resources while managing the performance of the team.
/ Project Solutions - This is the next layer after Team Services where we managed the team but also the outcome of that certain project.
/ Managed Services - Our turnkey solutions to help out with various business functions. This could be a development team or even a help desk team. You would focus on the core business strategy, while we do the rest of the heavy lifting.
What are your main services?
We provide Staffing, Team Services, Project Solutions, and Managed Services for:
/ Infrastructure & Cloud (Cloud Engineering, Data Center Modernization, End-User Services, Networking, Security)
/ Partners (Asana, Atlassian, AWS, Microsoft, Salesforce, and many more)
/ Transformation (Agile, Automation, Cloud, Workplace)
/ Wireless Telecom (Site Acquisition, Architecture & Engineering, Project Management, Construction Services)
/What Industries Do You Support?
/Do you do staffing or managed services?
/What are your main services?
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Our Core Values
Our core values are integral to who we are, how we do business, and why we do what we do. If these values resonate with you, then your desk is waiting.
    Opportunities For Growth
    Mutual Success
    Ethical Practices
    Commitment To Excellence
    Focus On Outcomes
    Professional Responsibility
    Fostering Relationships
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Where Are You Located?
We have offices across the country including:
Where do I apply?
We would love for you to join us! Apply at the Careers page.
/Our Core Values
/Where Are You Located?
/Where do I apply?