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SRE Senior Engineer
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SRE Senior Engineer
Date Posted:  7/8/2021
Job ID:  Job #3917
Employment Type: Perm Placement
Location: WaterlooOntario
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We are looking for a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) who will be part of our SRE team and help build scalable systems, using best practices around automation, that improve reliability, velocity and enable monitoring of the operational health of stacks throughout their life-cycle including metrics collection, aggregation, and visualization.

As a member of the SRE team you will support the Financial Services business unit, product and technology teams to improve the design and operation of systems, focusing on making them scalable, reliable, and efficient while ensuring performance and high availability of products/services primarily residing in the cloud. You will influence the development and implementation of reliable production systems and services to address emerging business needs (such as Cloud-based SaaS). SRE’s pride themselves on the resiliency and stability of production systems, yet at the same time are committed to innovation and operational improvement through the application of software engineering practices to operations.

The SRE will facilitate innovation and operational improvement through the application of software engineering practices to operations. You will make our products easier to adopt and use by making improvements to the product, tools, processes and documentation. You are someone who strives for six 9’s or better for service availability!


  • You will be part of a collaborative scrum team working in a scaled agile environment
  • You are not an operator, you’re an experienced software engineer focused on operations.
  • You will write automation code for provisioning and operating infrastructure at massive scale.
  • You will participate in design and code reviews
  • You’ll work hand-in-hand with all teams to deploy our code to production using Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) and AppSec tooling.
  • You will be responsible for maintaining and scaling production services and servers for complex and high throughput cloud services.
  • You will improve scalability, service reliability, capacity, and performance.
  • You will initiate and contribute to continuous improvement of our software delivery processes and practices in a multi-location, multidisciplinary team to empower and accelerate product development.
  • You will participate in disaster recovery planning and execution.
  • You will be responsible for maintaining / patching servers supporting SaaS products.
  • You will collaborate with development teams and use intuition, experience and understanding to create SLIs, SLOs, and SLAs.
  • You will provide timely assistance and remediation solutions during critical situations and production incidents to help resolve service problems. (You will be on-call for periods of time.)
  • You will develop monitoring architecture, implementing monitoring agents, build dashboards, manage escalations and alerts
  • You will participate in incident management and driving root cause analysis (RCA) and risk management processes.


  • BS degree in Computer Science or related technical field or 5 years prior relevant experience
  • 8-12 years OOO software development experience
  • Strong design and analytical skills
  • Excellent analysis, debugging, root-cause identification, and troubleshooting skills
  • Experience in a DevOps / SRE role with demonstrable experience in deploying and managing large scale production environments in GCP, AWS or Azure and Multi Datacenter environment.
  • Experience developing and debugging code (i.e. one or more of the following: Java, C, C++, .NET, Python, Ruby, Go, Shell, Perl, JavaScript)
  • 2+ years deploying and supporting high traffic, scalable web applications/services
  • Experience with Linux, Shell Scripting, PKI TLS/SSL, Network, firewalls, load balancers and backup
  • Experience with one or more CI tools GitHub, Jenkins, Artifactory
  • Experience with orchestration, automation, and configuration management tools like Terraform
  • Ansible and Helm (or related technology)
  • Experience with log management, including aggregation, alerting, and graphing (i.e Sensu/StackDriver/Prometheus/ELK/TICK stacks)


  • 2+ years with cloud virtualization and PaaS
  • 2+ years with Docker, Kubernetes and early versions of OpenShift
  • Experience with Kubernetes, system virtualization, on-prem and/or hybrid cloud computing, cloud Identity and security system, cloud monitoring and logging, and/or local/cloud storage
  • Experience with application disaster recovery, migration, roll-back plans, expansion, routine deployments, and system upgrades
  • Experience hosting and solving problems with public-facing services securely in GCP, Azure or AWS
  • Experience in designing, analyzing and running large-scale distributed systems
  • Experience with Cassandra, Elasticsearch or Kafka
  • Experience with CI/AppSec tools – Sonar, Coverity, WhiteSource, Seeker, Aqua
  • Cloud certifications